A small percentage of the world’s water is fresh and drinkable. Annual snow melts off mountaintops and runs into rivers, which feeds into lakes

Water is vital for our existence. Unfortunately, it is not distributed equally in the world and it is not necessarily something that can be controlled.

Here is a list of countries with the most water in the world.

  1. Brazil

Brazil is one of the countries with the most water, but it is overpopulated and like most countries also have constant difficulties with access to safe water and sanitation.

  1. Russia

Russia is the world’s largest country and has shores on three oceans. The country boasts with thousands of rivers, some of which is the longest and most powerful in the world.

  1. Canada

Canada has the largest wetland area in the world. They have more underground water than surface water.

  1. Indonesia

Although Indonesia is named as one of the countries with the most water in the world, it is characterized by poor levels of access and service quality.

  1. China

In southern China, many people get their water from the ponds and lakes as it they have relatively wet winter seasons, while northern China doesn’t receive adequate rainfall and is mostly dry.

  1. Columbia

Even in remote places in Columbia, you will find a reliable water supply. There are people in rural areas that still have problems with sanitation coverage.

  1. United States

The United States uses almost 400 billion gallons of water per day. Climate change produces severe droughts and flooding, which causes water scarcity and pollution.

  1. India

Many concerns arise on account of India having a lack of availability and replenishable water resources.

We must realize that even though these countries have the most water, it does not mean that it has the most freshwater or drinkable water resources to sustain itself. As an example, there are billions of people living in these regions that do not have a safe supply of water in their homes.

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