Is Good Hydration Really That Important? Today’s life is very fast-paced, and this might have something to do with the fact that most individuals walk around at least partially dehydrated most of the time without even realising it. When you are rushing about between business appointments, car-pooling, gym, and what-not, who has time to think about stopping to grab a glass of water?

Unfortunately this can result in headaches, fatigue, dizziness, a dry mouth, kidney problems, bladder problems, as well as some other major health issues. Water contains health properties that no other beverage has, such as electrolytes (calcium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, sodium ions) which cannot be substituted by any other nutrient in your diet.

The water in your body is divided between two major fluid compartments; 40 to 50% within the cells (intracellular fluid) and 50 to 60% outside the cells (extracellular fluid). Water performs numerous important biological functions in the body such as structural firmness at cellular level, lubrication of the joints (synovial fluid), and makes up blood, lymph, gastric secretions, and urine.

Water also forms blood plasma, which transports oxygen, glucose, and amino acids to active muscle and tissue while transporting carbon dioxide and lactic acid away. Water also helps maintain core body temperature (thermoregulation) via the body’s own cooling mechanism (sweating).

Water is vital to the brain (which is 85% water) because without water the brain would not be able to send signals via the nerves to other parts of the body telling those parts what to do or how to react to something. Water is also essential to ridding the body of toxins via urination.

As you can see from the few factors mentioned above, when the body is not given sufficient water on a regular basis, it will become dehydrated and not able to function at optimal levels. If the dehydration continues and becomes severe, it can lead to various part of the body shutting down, coma and eventually death.

The best way to stay hydrated? Get yourself a water cooler that can provide you with fresh, chilled, filtered drinking water virtually 24/7.