With devastating bushfires ravaging throughout Australian land, residents were finally happy and relieved that the majority of bushfires, including the worst of which were in New South Wales, have finally been extinguished.

Even though this is extremely positive news, the country is currently facing two new problems, both of which are after-effects caused as a result of the bushfires that have been burning for nearly 6 months.

One issue includes a lack of tourists visiting the country, which once was flooded with tourists that brought a lot of wealth to the tourism industry in the land down under. The second is the repercussions of the ongoing fires, which caused air and especially, water pollution. Most rivers in Australia are now filled with ash and various kinds of bacteria, including debris. With millions of acres burned down, water bodies have been filled with all kinds of debris and toxicity, killing off fish and overall, polluting water supplies.

Black soil, extreme rains, and dead fish

Due to the devastation, including the death of a billion animals and vegetation, as well as dozens of fatalities in people themselves, tourists seem to have decided to give the Aussie land some time to recover before visiting its shores again.

Apart from the overall devastation caused by the fires, extreme and consistent rainfall has graced the soil, causing flooding and landslides in various parts of Australia. Although the heavy rains are welcomed, they have contributed to some issues too, resulting in more maintenance needed in the country. Residents visiting one river in particular, the Murray River, is currently filled with countless dead species of fish. Scientists suggest that there has never been such a large number of fish killed due to fire-related causes in the world, which just shows the extent of damage caused by the fires.