How Much Money Does A Water Filter Save? All over the world people are spending millions on bottled water because they either don’t like the taste of the tap water in their area or the tap water is not really fit for human consumption. Water companies and soft drink companies have become rich off of selling billions of little bottles of a liquid that is vital to human life and should be plentiful, free and good.

Unfortunately, due to industrialisation, an increase in world population, badly maintained or lack of infrastructure, there is a water scarcity, and much of what is available is not potable.

Bottled water producers know this, and use a variety of marketing methods to sell their products, such as claiming that their water comes from an underground spring, or an artesian well, or is bottled in Arctic where there is no pollution and the water is pure and clean.

The truth is that many of these claims are false; there is absolutely no truth in them whatsoever. In actual fact, it has been proven that many of these so-called “mineral” or “spring” bottled waters are nothing other than ordinary tap water that has been filtered and bottled.

SO, if water companies can filter water and bamboozle everyone that it is pure spring water from a source in whatever natural forest or whatever, why can’t you just filter your own water? The answer is that you can!

Just think about how much you are paying for every bottle of water (an average 500ml-size bottle of water costs, around £2), multiply that by the number of bottles you drink in a month, add other family members’ totals and multiply by 12. Let’s say you drink an average of 4 bottles of water per day, as do the other 2 family members: 12 x £2 = £24 per day x 365 days = £8 760 per annum.

You could purchase a water filter jug for around £30, or you could invest in a water filtration system for your mains tap, which would cost you £40 – £200. Let’s say you need to replace the filter ever 3 months at around £10 per = £40. Even if you buy an expensive filter of £200 and spend £15 per filter, that still leaves you with a saving of around £8 500 per annum.

Of course, if you like to drink nice fresh, cool water 365 days per year; it would be even better to invest in a mains water cooler with a filter. That way you will always have the cleanest, freshest, icy cold water on tap to refresh you, your family, and whatever guests you have around, especially in those warm summer months.



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