How Sanitary Is Your Office Water Cooler?Some individuals do not like water coolers because they think that they are not hygienic, and in some cases this is true. Water coolers, especially office water coolers can be very unhygienic because of the amount of people accessing water via them and bad cleaning methods.

Water coolers are a great and convenient way to dispense pure, clean and chilled water to a lot of people 24/7, and it is a great way to stay hydrated, but although the water in the bottles of bottled water coolers is hygienic and great tasting, there are other parts of the water cooler that can become covered in germs.

Health officials recommend that office and home water coolers are cleaned a minimum of once every six weeks, or with every bottle change, whichever comes first.

You could always designate someone to clean your office water cooler, but unless they know how to do a good job, this may be a waste of time as germs and bacteria grow very quickly in damp areas. It is therefore far better to ensure that the water company that you deal with also cleans and sanitises your water cooler on a regular basis.

Living-Water, the top water company in London, is one of the companies that offer a wide variety of both bottled water coolers and mains water coolers.

Some of Living-Water’s top-of-the-range office water coolers come with easy sanitising solutions, such as the Executive bottled water cooler’s patented interchangeable “water cassette” and the Executive POU’s (mains water cooler) ground-breaking Direct Dispense system.

Living-Water also trains their drivers to sanitise the water coolers when delivering fresh water bottles. Living-Water also has specialised software applications that allow for real time mapping of delivery routes and the water system sanitisation process which must be done and checked off by the drivers as standard in the delivery process.