South Africa is currently ranking as one of the top 20 producers of new knowledge about water in the world. The country’s innovations account for some of the best yet and are particularly designed to help solve problems related to water in the country, as well as help position the country for becoming a major global manufacturing hub for water-based products.

Given that one of the its most popular cities, Cape Town, situated in the Western Cape, has already managed to bounce back from “Day Zero”, it’s no doubt what the country is capable of achieving next.

When it comes to the country’s economy, however, it hasn’t been considered as the best in the world whatsoever, especially because it has endured a lot of unprecedented failures in the global economy.

Even though the past few years, up until 2019, hasn’t been the best for its economy yet, rankings of the IMF and World Bank reports that South Africa has the 31st largest economy, based on GDP alone, globally. It also means that the country is considered among the top 15% when evaluating the size of its economy. However, taking a closer look at the country, average South Africans are not experiencing the same quality of life, that of which corresponds to its wealth status. The National Credit Act was created for the its over-indebted residents and is set to resolve some issues contributing to the poor economy, helping at least 50% of individuals experiencing problems related to debt.

South Africa’s Road to Recovery – Solving Problems at New Heights

Although the country is facing many struggles, there is an endless amount of potential that is currently being tapped into.

Regardless of its countless struggles daily, the country has managed to erect solutions that hasn’t only helped itself but have also aided as a lesson for the world.

These include innovations and products, including model strategies for business and industrialization developments, South Africa attaining a top spot as one of the 20 top producers of knowledge in the global water domain, and consistently producing new solutions that aids in the world’s journey to solving the global water shortage crisis.

Some technologies focused on in the country, also includes traditional desalination technology that is based on reversed osmosis, highlighting problems related to this technology and resolving it, as well as finding ways to create and reducing the cost and maintenance of this technology. The country is also focused on six lower-energy, lowered cost options that have been proven effective in laboratories.

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