With not one, but many dry spells hitting Cape Town and the whole of Western Cape, it is no doubt that this region is approaching day-zero more and more each day. While the efforts of Cape Towns residents have been at large, and their water saving has helped immensely, there is still a lot more work to be done.

So, with reducing the amount of water used to 50 litres per person per day, what more can be done to prevent day zero? The answer? A few tips that will most definitely add up to a big change.

Tips to save water in Cape Town

1. Use hand sanitiser instead of the traditional soap and water.

While this might seem like a daunting idea, and have some saying no, it, in fact, is a clean and effective way to wash your hands and remove bacteria. Though many that are health conscious tend to shy away from this method, it is one that works best.

2. Embrace a military-style shower

Now, we all enjoy a long, hot shower and some even recognize it as a time they take to wind down, sing, dance and plan their day. Although this is a lovely idea, it is one that will ruin the remaining water levels.

3. Greywater washing

Instead of using a hosepipe to wash your car, be water savvy and take it to a car wash that uses non-potable water. You will be winning twice as you not only save water but also support a local business or two.

4. Use dry shampoo instead of water to wash your hair

While this might seem a bit excessive to most women, it is an effective way to save water. Litres and litres of water are wasted each time hair is washed. Especially in a shower and since residents aren’t allowed to take a bath, a long shower is also a big no.

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