If you think that your tap water is safe to drink, don’t be so sure about it. Even though authorities swear that the tap water in the UK and other countries is safe to drink, researchers tend to disagree.

A study published by the Environment Agency has revealed that up to half the male fish in the UK lowland rivers have changed sex, and that entire fish stocks in some stretches of water have been irreversibly affected by pollution due to a powerful form of oestrogen from the Pill finding its way into water sources. According to scientists, the synthetic oestrogen can feminise-fish at levels as low as one part per billion.

There are worries that the fertility of an entire generation of men is at risk as their sperm counts could be affected by this chemical if it is in their drinking water. According to researchers, sewage treatment does not remove the chemical entirely from drinking supplies.

The study checked roach stocks in ten rivers and found that almost 50% of male fish had eggs in their testes or female reproductive ducts; one tenth is sterile and another 25% have damaged sperm. According to Dr Susan Jobling from the research team, there are definitely reasons to be worried about the male reproductive health.

Ethanol oestradiol, the chemical used in the Pill, is 50 to 100 times more powerful than natural oestrogens, and while the Pill has been a blessing for millions of women, and is helping to slow the population explosion, the fact that it is excreted in women’s urine and passing through sewage works and affecting the environment is a side-effect that was not foreseen.

According to a study conducted by the Medical Research Council, Scottish men born since 1970 are 25% less fertile than those born 20 years earlier and fertility is dropping by 2% per year.

While other chemicals such as pesticides and plastics, which both contain chemicals that disrupt the hormone system, could also be contributing to the ‘gender-bender’ situation, I am sure that you would feel much better as a male if you knew that your drinking water is free of all pollutants and chemicals.

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