The Australian government has identified about forty towns in the country that have less than enough water to sustain them beyond the period of six months. This has raised grave concerns throughout the country and has become a problem that governments are funding to solve.

While most of these towns are small, some have more than five-hundred residents, posing an even bigger threat to residents and the sustainability of their homes.

So far, millions of Australian dollars have been set aside to prevent these towns from running out of water. Funding will go towards transporting large quantities of water supplies to different parts in the country, which only have six months of usable water left. These forty towns are all located in the same state, in the region of New South Wales. That means that if there is not an intervention soon, the entire state’s situation may worsen over time.

Water Supplies for New South Wales (NSW)

Water supplies will be sent to communities that are classified as being high risk. The local government has already designated $2 million for local councils to transport water supplies. However, the demand is set to increase, as per the Australian expert’s predictions.

Still, water levels are continuing to drop across the New South Wales government, which has set aside an additional $16.4 million, adding to the country’s government’s $2 million, all for water to be transported, as well as emergency infrastructure plans to be set in place.

Given that one region, with so many towns and people, is running out of water, it’s important to focus on the infrastructure of these towns and, to come up with more solutions to solve underlying problems.

More parts of the country are slowly but surely facing water shortages, primarily due to climate change, which has increased droughts.

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