Even though the Gauteng region has received rain, residents are still urged to use water resources sparingly. Given that the North West’s Madibeng local municipality owes $10.5 million in water bills alone, not to mention other municipalities, matters are presented as relatively concerning.

Rand Water is planning on reducing water supply, starting on the 9th of March 2020 to three municipalities, all of which owe millions of Rands for unpaid water bills. The Free-State’s Ngwathe local municipality, Mpumalanga’s Govan Mbeki local municipality, and North West’s Madibeng local municipality are set to have more than 20% of their water supply reduced unless they pay their arrear accounts.

Ongoing Debt for Local Municipalities Causing Water Cuts in Certain Regions

Currently, the Ngwathe local municipality is in R2 million debt. However, the total current due is R5 million. The Govan Mbeki local municipality in Mpumalanga also has an overdue account, but it’s far worse than its neighboring province’s municipalities, as they are R47 million in arrears.

Looking at current matters, Rand Water has decided to reduce the water supply by up to 20% starting on the 9th of March 2020. Water cuts will be implemented as much as 20%, which will be added to the current 40%, which has already been implemented.

Currently, the total amount owed to Rand Water by Govan Mbeki is in total, R245, and North West’s Madibeng, R10.5 million. Madibeng’s water is thus, also set to be reduced by 20%.

There’s no telling when the municipalities will be able to repay their debt, or when water reductions will be restored once more. The municipalities involved are aware that offices of the minister designated for human settlements, water, and sanitation, as well as respective provincial MECs co-operative governance and traditional affairs have all been informed of the implementation of necessary credit control measures.