We all need to drink enough water throughout the day to ensure that our body is sufficiently hydrated. This is vital for our overall health and the optimal functioning of our body and brain.

While most of us do drink many liquids throughout the day, we do not necessarily drink sufficient water, choosing to rather drink soft drinks, tea, coffee and juices as well as the odd alcoholic drink.

Water coolers have become very popular recently due to more information being more widely available about the benefits of drinking water throughout the day as well as many news items around the amount of various toxic substances such as pharmaceuticals, cocaine, heavy metals, waste products and carcinogenic chemicals found in ordinary tap water.

It is important that all staff members are kept well-hydrated at work to avoid fatigue and brain-funk that will inhibit them from performing at their best.

This has led to more people either drinking loads and loads of bottled water or investing in a water cooler. Both home and office water coolers are a great idea.

As with the purchase of any piece of equipment, whether it be for the home or the office, it is important to look at both the pros and cons of investing in a water cooler:


  • Water coolers are far more hygienic than drinking fountains or drinking water from a tap in the kitchen or bathroom;
  • Water coolers are mobile, which means that they can be easily placed where they are most needed and can be moved if necessary;
  • Water cooler companies will ensure that your water cooler remains sanitary at all times; some models actually have an onboard sanitising system;
  • Water coolers come with paper cups, which means no glasses or cups need be washed;
  • Water coolers give easy access to fresh, chilled water at any time;
  • Water coolers can provide chilled, ambient or hot water almost constantly for many people;
  • Water coolers encourage individuals, including children, to drink water rather than sugary drinks


  • Bottled water coolers require deliveries of to be done on a regular basis; if there are any delivery problems, you could be left without water;
  • Bottled water coolers require sufficient space to store both empty and full water bottles
  • Water bottles can be heavy and difficult to change;
  • Plumbed in or Mains water coolers cost quite a bit initially