One of the easiest ways in which you can conserve water is by not using tap water to water your garden. Using grey water for watering your garden is also an option, but if you are living alone you may not produce sufficient grey water for this.

The water that runs off your roof in a heavy downpour generally ends up going down the drain, and if it is a particularly heavy shower this can translate into hundreds if not thousands of litres of water being wasted.

Collecting rainwater to water your garden in the dry months is a great way to conserve water and will also make a massive difference to your utility bill.

Diverting rainwater from your roof simply means investing in some rain water containers; there are special barrels or containers for this particular purpose that are fitted with large holes on top for the water to run into and holes near the bottom where taps can be attached to get the water out – some even come with taps already fitted.

Place your rain barrel on a platform that allows you to fit a bucket or watering can under the tap to draw water for watering your garden. Connect the downspout from the gutters on your house to the hole in the rain barrel by using plastic piping, making sure that the pipe fits snugly into the hole on top to prevent mosquitoes from entering and laying eggs in the tank.

Place a bit of mesh wire at the connection between the gutter and the downpipe to catch leaves, and make sure that you clear your gutters regularly so that the water actually goes down the pipe and into the barrel and does not just flow over the sides of the gutter.

IN most instances, catching rainwater in a container or containers throughout the rainy season should provide you with sufficient water to water your whole garden regularly through the dry season.

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