How to Sensibly Get Ready for Summer Summer is just around the corner for the Northern Hemisphere and this is when most individuals start thinking about losing weight and getting ready for sunny skies, skimpy outfits and beaches. Before you go into a major fitness frenzy though, make sure that you do it sensibly and keep yourself hydrated while exercising.

If your form of relaxing, losing extra winter-weight and toning and getting your body fit includes jogging, cycling, or walking, that is great as this type of exercise releases endorphins that produce a sense of happiness and wellbeing as well as helping get you fit. One thing you must be sure of though is that you hydrate sufficiently both before, during and after exercising.

If going to gym is more to your taste, then feel free to lift weights, do rowing exercises, and use all of the other equipment to get fit, but once again make sure that you keep hydrated. Just because you are indoors and not outside in the sun does not mean that you so not need to drink water. Drink sufficient water about an hour before exercising and again after. Go to gym at least 3 times per week in order to feel and see the benefits.

At the end of the day, no matter which type of exercise you decide to do in order to get that bod of yours in great shape for the upcoming summer, remember to take a water bottle with you; even better if the water that you take is from a water cooler that dispenses toxin-free water. If you are going to a decent gym there should be a water cooler or water fountain there; make use of it.

The rule of thumb to staying hydrated while exercising is to drink water about an hour before you start exercising and around 500ml of water for every hour that you continue exercising; more if your form of exercise is more strenuous. This is over and above your daily recommended water intake of around 2 litres of water.

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