Plastic is one of the world’s worst inventions. Not because it hasn’t presented humans with a lot of different things, including technology, but because it’s not sustainable for the earth whatsoever.

Entering any type of water body, whether it’s a freshwater or saltwater resource, poses a very negative outcome for all means of life, as each living organism needs water to survive. With nations, such as Asia, having excessively poor municipal systems, private sectors are urged to increase their efforts to fix possible issues related to the flow of waste into water.

Thailand for one is just one country that contributes to some of the worst marine pollutions in the world. To the world’s shock, not all countries contribute to plastic pollution, but a few contributes far more than ever thought possible.

5 Countries are Responsible for 55-60% of Plastic Waste Entering in the Ocean

It’s quite shocking to think that only five countries contribute to more than half of the plastic found in the ocean. Since plastic pollution is considered one of the worst acts against nature, it is an issue that must be addressed.

Plastic is not sustainable when ingested by sea life, or any other animal for that matter.

Except for Thailand, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines are among the five countries that are responsible for up to 60% of plastic in the ocean.

What makes matters worse, is that tests reveal that debris found on plastic has broken down into microparticles, which is ingested by fish, and makes its way onto our plates in the form of seafood every day.

In Asia, seafood is considered a very important source of daily food, but unfortunately, plastic pollution has reached the extent where it doesn’t only affect the ocean’s living creatures, but also humans.

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