As humans, we tend to be lazy and often find ourselves doing less than we should. Although this is not the case for all humans, it is the natural reaction of the brain to, the majority of the time, choose an easy way out or like so many of us do daily, procrastinate.

Above all else, technology has made an entire generation lazy and while this generation is lazy and its previous elderly, what do we do that is worthy of conserving or earth its water? Now, to think that technology won’t stop and that the millennial generation will have children that grow up in an even more technologically advanced environment, what will they be taught to do, or most importantly not do.

While most things are now being done for us and with heaps of information to go around, why do we ignore the things we can do to conserve our planet and its water?

It Comes Down to Accountability and Discipline

News flash. Just because life has been made easier with technology, does not mean you have to waste water.

Consider things like brushing your teeth and water with the taps off, buying water-efficient only products, as well as appliances for your home, keeping your garden to a minimal and in extreme drought conditions, paving most of your garden to avoid your grass and plants dying.

Every day, we are using far more water than we have to. Think about something such as defrosting your food in a big bucket of water, avoiding those leaks that have been in your house for a couple of months now, switching the dishwasher on when it’s not fully packed, taking baths rather than showers and enabling the water in your entire house 24 hours a day.

These are all important things we tend to sweep under the rug day by day but if we just focus on conserving water a bit more each day, it could make a massive difference towards the sustainability of the entire world and not just you and your household.

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