Did you know that stingrays are considered the most dangerous living animals in the ocean today? If you think about the number of videos you’ve seen, about people swimming with these guys, you’re probably thinking the same thing we are… “Do you have a death sentence”?

Without further ado, here are the top most dangerous living creatures residing in the ocean today.

The 4 most dangerous sea water creatures in the world

  1. The Stingray


This creature forms apart of the shark family and enjoys spending its time in waters temperate in nature. They are generally found off the coast, on different continents all over the world, but are especially popular around the equator. They spend their days buried in the sand, or, floating in around in the ocean.

They can grow about 6.5 feet and can way up to a whopping 80 pounds.

What makes them so dangerous? Well, it’s probably their electrical sensors around their mouths, which also helps them sense prey that get too close to them. Once they realize their prey is close by, they use their mouths to catch them and feed on crush oysters, muscles, and clams.

  1. The Tiger Shark

No, not the megalodon. While some still believe the historic fossil to be alive, most try and keep it realistic, and give the tiger shark a chance to embrace his scary.

The tiger shark is considered one of the most dangerous fish in the ocean and is the second most likely of its species, next to the white shark, that is likely to attack humans. This shark is extremely carnivorous and can grow up to 14 feet in length, as well as 1,400 pounds in weight. They are considered full of killers and will attack any creature that gets close to them.

  1. The Portuguese man-of-war

The Portuguese man-of-war

As one of the most dangerous animals in the ocean, this interesting-looking invertebrate, is often mistaken for the jellyfish. Even though it is partly jellyfish, it’s not just a single creature, but is made up of different organisms that work together to form a single creature, which is also referred to as a siphonophore.

They aren’t very big in size and only grow to be a foot long and wide but have tentacles that can reach as long as 165 feet, which when striking a human or fish, release venom that causes a lot of pain.

  1. The Stonefish

This species is living proof that a fish doesn’t have to be big, nor scary, to do some serious damage. As the most venomous fish in the world, the stonefish could camouflage itself and can be found in the Indian and Pacific oceans.

When prey swims by, it will swim fast to attack it by using its venom, located in 13 spines. If a human is stung, he/she may endure heart failure and excessive pain.

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