Covid-19 may have swept through the world, particularly through Europe and Asia, causing complete havoc and presents itself as though there isn’t any hope to be found. However, there may just be an upside to the entire ordeal.

Who would’ve thought a global pandemic would at least have an upside?

Well, after Italians have been forced to stay at home, stop working, and refrain from using any public transport, especially airplanes and boats on the Venice canal, water has cleared up from pollution caused by boats, making it a crystal clean and clear haven for fish, swans, and even dolphins.

A Potential Upside to the Corona Virus in Italy

Dolphins were spotted in the Venice canals on the 17th and 18th of March interacting with a few people who were still around, possibly purchasing food before they returned to quarantine.

Amid all the negative energy Italy has received from the effects of the coronavirus, it seems as though there is something positive to emerge from it all, and that is not only reduced ocean pollution but also air pollution. Italy has seen a major reduction in air pollution in the past 2 to 4 weeks, restoring a seemingly clean environment, despite all the severe circumstances surrounding the virus.

Italy has had its worst week in accumulating deaths yet, with over 800 people passing in just 2 days from the 17th till the 18th of March. Due to over 35,000 cases reported, Italians are told to stay at home and are not allowed to leave their homes without notifying the military, in which case they are only allowed to visit a supermarket under strict rules. These measures will remain implemented until mid-April or until the government decides the country is fit to resume as per usual.

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