WORLD WATER DAY – a UN initiative – takes place on the 22nd of March every year. This year’s campaign slogan – ‘BE THE CHANGE’- incentivises people, across the world, to change the way they use, consume and manage water. The chief goal is that everyone would have safe drinking water and sanitation by 2030. Education around drinking water – in developed, industrialized and developing countries – remains an ongoing and complex mission in carefully conserving and celebrating a natural resource. 

At Living Water UK, (London’s leading independent water delivery and bottled water cooler company), we echo the UN’s mission and are committed to ‘being the change’ by providing the best water delivery and water dispenser service in the Greater London area.

A celebrity angle

For those who followed Zac Effron and Darien Olien’s journey on The Netflix series, “Down to Earth,” you would have started looking at the world around you with different eyes. The episode – France – was a call to pay close attention to the water we choose to drink. The takeaway? Water is not just water. Water is life, and access to clean, running water is a basic human right. 

Martin Riese, a water sommelier (it’s a real thing), highlighted the importance of the water we choose to drink and was able to prove that not only does water have a taste, but that the taste differences are obvious between bottled water from nature vs processed tap water. 

Pure Mountain drinking water UK

A local (Shropshire) angle

Unless you are fortunate enough to live in the Icelandic mountains with access to a natural spring or water source, the water flowing from your taps could be compromised. (Depending on the region, varying amounts of chlorine and fluoride are added to your mains water). 

The issue is not that tap water in the UK is unsafe to drink, but rather that there is a better option. Mountain water – which has an underground geological origin – is fortified by natural silica making it free of contamination and microbial bacteria and rendering it the safest water to drink. 

So, how can you ensure that your offices and homes offer access to this pure water source? 

Bottled water is definitely a solution but perhaps not the most eco-friendly, affordable, convenient or sustainable option. Water coolers – bottled or mains-fed – are fast becoming a go-to solution for easy access to pure drinking water in homes and offices across the UK. 

Bottled Water coolers & dispensers Greater London

Our bottling plant lies at the heart of the Wenlock Mountain Range; a designated area of outstanding natural beauty. Each of our bottled water dispensers contains crystal-clean natural spring water that emerges deep from its natural, underground source filtering through the geologically-famous rock strata of the Wenlock Mountains. And the ‘sweet’ flavour will transform your view of just ‘plain water.’ 

A personal duty-of-care angle

As employers or parents, you can ‘be the change’ by ensuring your employees and family have daily access to this pure, sweet drinking water. The convenient solution is a Living Water water cooler or water dispenser – either purchased or rented. Convenient and affordable access to cold, ambient, hot (and even sparkling) water options is literally ‘on tap.’

The benefits of staying hydrated are numerous and the additional health boost of naturally occurring minerals found in mountain spring water – which include bicarbonate, nitrates, calcium, magnesium and potassium – can be at your fingertips by taking advantage of our range of bottled water coolers to suit your budget and space requirements. 

Pure bottled water coolers UK for home & office

The Living Water angle

Living Water UK proudly provides safe and pure water to homes, offices, schools, restaurants etc. all year round. 

Locally: Serving our customers across Greater London, we offer an extensive range of affordable office and home water dispenser solutions which you can buy or rent. Our range of products includes bottled water coolers, mains-fed water dispensers and instant hot water boilers.

Sustainability also really matters to us and how we assess our carbon footprint is calculated by looking at all areas of our business. (We are working with Carbon Digest to become carbon-free). 

Globally: We not only have a passion for servicing our UK customers with pure water, but we also have a passion to ‘being the change’ in underprivileged communities across the world supporting a diverse range of charities. 

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