For South American, or more popularly known, Latin America, water scarcity has reached an incredible high.

Countries such as Peru, Ecuador and especially, Bolivia seem to be countries that are less talked about than their neighbour South American countries.

These countries are currently experiencing a severe water crisis, which translates into health issues, along with economic and political downfall, that effects the future of an entire country.

To paint a picture about the severity of the water crisis, over 2,000 people living in Cochabamba, in Bolivia, protested the lack of management over the water resources in the country in 2017, which lead to one death and many more people injured. This protest was said to be the very first small-scale war that resulted due to a shortage of water in a country.

World War 3 will be caused by the world’s water shortage

It’s been repeated time and time again, and after this protest, it just makes the statement thereof seem more real.

Morales, the president of Bolivia, reigns over a drought that has lasted the longest than any drought in the country, in history. There is speculation that the government played a primary role in this ever-lasting drought.

Although it’s difficult to pinpoint the culprit of an entire drought, it usually occurs as a result of a lack of management of water resources, along with global warming. However, the government is currently being pointed at, as they were indeed able to slow down the process of the drought, should they have planned for it earlier. Without proper planning set in place to sustain water resources and prepare for an extended drought, the country has suffered some severe effects thereof.

Even if most of the blame is to be placed on global warming, the government should also be held accountable for it, as they too have encouraged mass developments in the country over the past two decades, which has caused the Bolivian glaciers to melt. Today, 40% of ice have already melted due to climate change, which has added to their water crisis even more.

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