Climate change is a reality the entire earth faces today. It is something that continues to worsen with time, particularly each year, and has become so severe that temperatures have increased and broken records in 2019.

Warming temperatures have a very negative effect on the entire planet, and along with affecting the people in countries all around the world, it is also disrupting the lives of millions to billions of animals, plants, and even microorganisms.

Freshwater resources are very limited, yet we still find a way to pollute freshwater resources every day. That is considered our physical doing as humans on earth, while global warming may not seem as such.

However, humans play the only part in the deterioration of the ozone layer, which results in higher temperatures globally. Australia, for one, is currently experiencing one of its worst cases of bushfires all around its coast and even in certain central parts of the country. The fires have persisted for months and have been caused due to extreme weather with temperatures above 40-degrees being reported throughout the country, resulting in the death of over 480 million animals, 18 people, 26 people reported missing, and very little hope moving forward during the next few weeks in the new year. Needless to say, the earth has spoken, and to worsen matters, it also affects our freshwater resources.

What Effect Does Climate Change Have on Freshwater Resources?

  • Freshwater Water Supply – It gets affected by climate change because it causes drought in areas that already have very little water to survive and also, have very low precipitation.
  • Freshwater Water Quality – The quality of water gets affected due to certain areas experiencing an increase in their rainfall, causing flooding and damaging the infrastructure, water treatment plants, and sewer systems in towns and cities.
  • Necessary needs go unmet – This occurs specifically in the agricultural and energy sectors. It also affects ecosystems long-term.

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