When referring to pressure, it is a word that is best described as a force that pushes water through a hollow tube-like structure, such as pipes. It determines the water flow from the taps through the pipes. This type of pressure can be due to high-demand, of which individuals in the same area open their taps to use water.

Other factors that might have an effect on the pressure are both the height and size of your property. The size affects water temperature due to water supply reaching more areas in the house, which will require a bigger space at a faster rate. lower the pressure will be. One common tool which many may think influences current water pressure in your home is the installation of a water meter. This, however, is not the case.

Low pressure causes a lower percentage of water flow which causes it to, for example, fill a kettle, at a slower pace than it usually would. When taking a walk, or rather an inspection, through your house, you will realize whether your water pressure is normal, or not. This can be seen in shower water pressure, modern heating appliances and all the taps in your house. The lower the pressure, the less likely it is for these to work. When installing any equipment, it is always important to consult a water company for advice, prior to the installation of any equipment. This will help you check whether these tools are in accordance with water requirements, before spending money on expensive equipment.

More causes of low water pressure in your house

Other causes in a lack of water pressure could be because the water mains are too small, there are inadequate pumping facilities, and a reduced pressure because of the water main due to leakages, blocked pipes and equipment failure.

It is important to take note of your house’s overall water requirements as pressure-levels that are too high could potentially damage plumbing fixtures and furthermore, cause flooding. More causes also include trapped air in water pipes and re-configuration of the relevant water supply network.

Be smart about your house, whether it’s old or new, you could save a lot of money by simply knowing the history and important information about your house.

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