Not only is seawater undrinkable, but it is deadly for us to drink.

Seawater contains large quantities of salt. When we drink it, our cells absorb water and salt, and although we have sea salt in our pantry, it’s not recommended to ingest the entire bottle thereof. Besides, the sea salt we buy is fortified to contain a balance of minerals that is processable by our bodies. The salt content in seawater is too much, and our bodies can only process a small and specific quantity thereof.

Salt forms a part of our daily diets, and if you know anything about health, you know that it contains high levels of sodium, which affects your cholesterol levels – something that should remain balanced to keep your body in good health.

The Dangers of Too Much Salt in Our Diets

When we ingest salt in our diets, we usually combine it with liquids to dilute, but with seawater, there is no sustainable ratio between salt and water for our bodies to handle. It’s mostly salt. If we can’t dilute saltwater from salt, the body will become dehydrated of water. It is dangerous, especially because it needs to be filled with water by up to 70% for us to survive. Our cells are also dependant on sodium chloride(salt) for it to maintain our chemical reactions and balances.

Ingesting too much sodium is deadly for our cells and damage to the kidneys as it is only supposed to make urine that contains less salt than saltwater. The only way you can ingest saltwater is if excess salt is removed from the water, which will require you to urinate more frequently than the water you drink, making it significantly difficult to drink. By continuing to drink it, the body will become dehydrated as you become thirstier, and this can be fatal.

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