Now we all know that drinking water is required for good hydration, which means good health, but despite that, most people so not drink sufficient water on a regular basis.

The question, “What Will Happen When I Drink Only Water for 30 Days?” is a valid one, but take note – it is when I drink only water, not when I only drink water, and there is a huge difference in those two questions.

So, if you drink nothing else but water for a straight 30 days, the health benefits will be astronomical, including:

  • Appetite – Drinking water curbs the appetite, especially if you drink a nice big glass of water about an hour before mealtime as water fills you up, therefore you will eat less;
  • Colon – The colon needs water to help digested food pass easier through the colon and out of the body. Dehydration causes constipation;
  • Digestion – Water helps your digestive system break down your food much easier;
  • Glowing Skin – Drinking a lot of water on a regular basis will give you a softer, plumper, glowing skin, which will automatically make you look younger;
  • Heart – Drinking water also lowers your risk of a heart attack or stroke as it helps the blood circulate better throughout the body, and prevents clotting;
  • Kidneys – In order for your kidneys to do their work of moving waste and toxins out of your body, your body needs to be sufficiently hydrated. Dehydration can cause kidney problems such as kidney stones.
  • Prevent Headaches – Drinking sufficient water ever day ensures that there is sufficient water in your brain, which is ideally around 90% water, thereby preventing headaches and migraines. It will also help you think more clearly.
  • Strong Muscles – Muscles need water to grow and help keep them strong and in perfect working order; dehydration can cause muscle cramps;

Drinking nothing but water for a month can also reduce your risk of getting cancer, help you lose weight, improve your cognition, memory, and concentration, as well as relieve stress. Just make sure that the water that you are drinking is good quality water, such as that from a water cooler.