The annual World Water Week, a global conference, commenced in Stockholm, Sweden in August 2019.

Each year, the event is held to raise awareness about different and new methods to conserve water, highlighting many water-related developmental problems in countries all over the world.

Countries that are especially highlighted, include those that have been found to have a lack of adequate water supply. Africa, the Middle East, and South America are still being focused on the most.

This year, the conference was organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI).

Torgny Holmgren, the Executive Director, has stressed how crucial it is for each country to take note of water stress, or related issues, occurring in their countries. He also highlighted the importance of countries standing together to resolve global challenges.

SIWI on the Importance of Water

Water is considered the world’s most precious resource and is one that cannot be replaced once it’s finished.

Many forget that water doesn’t only allow us, animals, plants, and all living mechanisms to survive, but it also solves many other problems. If there was enough clean drinking water in the world, we wouldn’t be faced with as many issues, as we are today. This includes poverty, the effects of climate change, and even the disruption of peace between neighbors and nations.

It was made clear that, to solve all problems related to water, countries must stand together and rely on each other for help, as it will also aid in each country prospering in the future.

Water Issues in Durban – South Africa

In Durban, South Africa, it is urged that both the government and residents must respect water, as the country has already experienced major incidents that have contributed to water loss, which has occurred due to many factors., such as water that is currently being stolen in certain areas.

This is just one issue that must be addressed. The Department of Water has released a statement, ensuring residents that the country’s dams have enough water for all its residents. However, if not used sparingly, could also run out eventually.

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