As a business owner or manager, it’s helpful to be aware of the positive impact that promoting healthy habits can have on your staff. So how do you get this initiative going? Believe it or not, investing in an office water dispenser may be your solution. But how exactly can a water dispenser in the office be that beneficial? Let’s dive in and explore just a few benefits of this office staple.

#1 Boost productivity

Hydration is vital for maintaining optimal brain function and mental clarity. Even mild dehydration can lead to cognitive decline by reducing concentration and impairing short-term memory. 

Giving your employees a convenient source of fresh water via an office water dispenser makes them more likely to prioritise hydration throughout the day. It can also reduce the need for them to leave the office to purchase refreshments, improving their overall use of time. 

#2 Sip and save the planet 

Office water dispensers offer a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottles, which employees may need to buy if there is no safe drinking water at the office. Instead, employees can refill their reusable bottles or glasses, reducing the number of plastic bottles that end up polluting rivers, oceans and landfills. 

#3 Low maintenance 

Office water dispensers are a hassle-free and easy hydration solution for your workplace. They are designed with easy-to-clean surfaces and simple maintenance procedures that anyone in the office can carry out. Some water dispensers even include automated cleaning systems, eliminating the need to worry about any cleaning at all. 

#4 Filtered water on-tap 

Depending on the type of office water dispenser you choose, most feature built-in filtration systems that purify tap water, removing impurities and contaminants that could make staff ill. With a simple push of a button or tap of a lever, employees can enjoy clean drinking water without the need for bottled alternatives. 

Filters can also often improve the taste of water, especially in regions where the tap water is full of lime or chlorine. 

#5 Something for everyone

Office water dispensers offer the convenience of both chilled and hot water options, catering to different preferences and health benefits. Whether someone is in the mood for an ice-cold glass of water or a cup of tea, these units deliver on all fronts. 

An employee fills up a glass with cold water from an office water dispenser

With the ability to provide both hot and cold water at the touch of a button, office water dispensers can also reduce the need for constantly boiling a kettle, thereby improving energy consumption.

#6 Efficient space saver

Office water dispensers are designed with space efficiency in mind, making them suitable for even the smallest of workspaces. These compact units are engineered to maximise functionality while minimising their footprint. 

They can easily be placed on worktops, under counters or even mounted on walls, utilising available space effectively. With their streamlined design, office water dispensers offer a practical solution for providing hydration without impeding on the workspace. 

#7 Environmentally friendly 

Modern office water dispensers are designed with energy-saving capabilities to minimise their environmental impact. These energy-efficient features can include programmable timers, sleep modes and efficient cooling and heating systems. 

Some models also incorporate advanced insulation technology to reduce temperature loss and improve energy efficiency. Check the environmental impact certifications or labels when selecting a water dispenser for your office to ensure that it meets your sustainability goals.

If you were on the fence about purchasing or renting an office water dispenser for your office, consider the many long-term benefits it can provide both your team and the workplace as a whole. 

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