You certainly don’t need another article sprouting forth the benefits of drinking water, so we won’t waste your time with one. (We all know that water is essential for daily bodily maintenance – from digestive and organ functioning benefits to staying hydrated and regulating body temperature). But do you know the best temperature at which your next (6-8) glasses of water should be or is it simply situational and all about personal preference? Are there perhaps unique benefits to drinking hot or cold water? 

If it only comes down to personal preference, then our range of hot and cold water dispensers is the perfect addition to your home or office. Having hot and cold filtered water – on tap – not only ticks the convenience box but makes renting or buying a bottled water cooler a super lifestyle investment. 

Being in the water cooler industry, we have our ear to the ground on all things water-related. Water temperature discussions and trends pique our curiosity and so we did a little more research to determine the benefits (if any) of taking advantage of hot and cold water dispensers and making an informed decision on when and why you should drink a glass of piping hot or ice cold water. 

Although the ‘evidence’ tends to be more anecdotal than scientific, staying hydrated is always a priority. And if there may be some advantages to drinking hot and cold water – whatever your preference – then why not? 

3 benefits of drinking cold water

#1 Cooling you down:

It may sound really obvious that drinking cold water will cool you down, but here’s the physiological explanation: when you are exposed to high temperatures, sweating becomes the body’s natural way of cooling you down. But this loss of fluids needs to be replaced and cold water is recommended as the best temperature for rehydration. 

#2 Keeping you alert: 

As energy levels dip during the day, instead of reaching for a caffeine kick, rather take a short walk to your home or office water dispenser for a glass of cold water which, like caffeine, helps to naturally produce adrenaline in your body but without the negative side effects of coffee or energy drink.  

The benefits of drinking cold water from a water dispenser

#3 Increasing your energy levels:

An increase in body temperature and heart rate can quickly tire you out during your exercise routine or gym workout. By simply increasing your intake of cold water, you can keep your energy levels up and lower your core body temperature which enables you to work out for longer. (Who knew that cold water was a key player in keeping you fit?) 

Bonus benefit: It is said that cold water may help in removing toxins from your body, thus building your immune system. (Even if it doesn’t have a detox effect, you will stay hydrated and your body will thank you for that). 

3 benefits of drinking hot water

There is just something soothing and comforting about a hot drink. Beyond a warm cuppa, we are here to throw hot water into the mix (with or without lemon and honey). We are suggesting that a water dispenser with a constant and regulated hot water feature is more accessible than a kettle, a bag of Earl Grey and a pint of milk.

Those who swear by a glass of hot water all advertise similar health benefits:

#1 Clearing your nasal passages:

You don’t even have to drink the water for this potential benefit; you just have to inhale the steam from a mug of hot water which could even further assist in relieving a sinus headache.

But a 2008 study did document that a hot drink – we choose water – provided immediate and sustained relief from symptoms of runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, chilliness and tiredness, whereas the same drink at room temperature only provided relief from symptoms of runny nose, cough and sneezing.

The benefits of drinking hot water from a water dispenser

If you are feeling a little clogged up and congested, reach for your hot water dispenser before you reach for a ‘hot toddy’ or rush off to the pharmacy. (Go ahead and add lemon and ginger for a vitamin C, antibacterial and antioxidant boost). 

This is a great piece of advice as some have advised NOT drinking cold water if you have a cold or flu.

#2 Assisting your digestive system (and bowel movements)

Many swear by the digestive effects of hot water, suggesting it more easily dissipates hard-to-digest food, thereby activating the digestive process. A 2016 study did however propose that hot water aided bowel movements and the expulsion of gas after surgery procedures. (Definitely worth a try!).

We all know drinking plenty of water (hot or cold) is a natural prescription for relieving and preventing constipation which is often caused by being dehydrated. (A hot and cold water dispenser just keeps on giving!).

#3 Keeping you warm

If you are shivering from the cold, a hot drink always stops your teeth chattering, warms you up from the inside and maintains your body temperature. (We are well aware that a tot of brandy does the same but we are not a distillery and our hot and cold water dispensers are a much more affordable solution to keeping you warm in the cold and are for ANY age group). 

As an added bonus, if you are looking to save water, instead of taking a hot bath to relax before bedtime, drinking a glass of hot water offers the same calming benefits to help you sleep. 

Living Water UK

Whichever way you look at it, you cannot dispute the benefits of drinking water – hot or cold. That is where we come in as one of the premium bottled water delivery services in the Greater London area. 

We really don’t mind if you like your water hot or cold, as all our bottled water dispensers – which can be bought or rented – come standard with both options. (Cold water temperatures range from 4°C to 10°C and hot water temperatures range from 85°C to 92°C).

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