Amid the coronavirus, a prospective agreement has been signed between PowerOptimal, an energy solution supplier, and Electrolux Africa, a Swedish subsidiary of the appliance giant, Electrolux. The agreement suggests that the two partners have joined forces to market solar water heaters in South Africa.

PowerOptimal’s has deployed their “Elon” solar photovoltaic heating technology, which will be used to heat water and sold Electrolux’s “Kwikot Superline” electric water heaters. The deployment of new and improved solar water heating technology will allow customers to add solar energy capacity to some of the most basic electric water heaters installed to date, which can all be done without the help of an inverter or battery.

“Elon” for a Better Sustainable Future

The “Elon” system also allows for the direct use of DC electricity that is generated by the help of photovoltaic solar modules with the purpose of heating water by using a simple geyser equipped with an AC heating element, as well as an AC thermostat. This system is unique compared to similar technologies as it doesn’t require any additional electricity storage equipment like a solar inverter or batteries, which already saves residents a lot of money to install and maintain it. Due to its simplicity, it also lasts longer and works more efficiently. The fact that it makes direct usage of DC electricity, which gets generated by photovoltaic solar modules for water heating using an electric geyser equipped with an AC accessory promotes a brighter, more sustainable, and innovative future for South Africa.

Thus far, the country has already excelled in solar energy technologies, which has added to its growth moving forward. In a world full of pollution and a continuous influx of harmful hazards to the environment, the use of solar energy moving forward is bound to aid in a sustainable future.