Water is required by all living organisms to survive. It serves as the most in-demand resource on the planet and also makes up between 45% and 75% of our total body weight. It plays a massive role in brain function, heart health, physical performance, and weight management.

Water supports your overall health, increases weight loss, and skin health. It also increases regularity in the body, with studies associating lower water intake with increased risk of digestive problems. Additionally, it can prevent kidney stones and relieve headaches, improve your mood, and enhance athletic ability.

It is always recommended that we increase our water intake, but not often are we told to decrease it. Although drinking too much water can be bad for you, how much is too much?

The Quantity of Water Recommended for You

Drinking 3 liters of water may sound easy to some but difficult for others. While 3 liters are not the recommended daily amount of water to drink for everyone, it is a good benchmark to set for yourself to ensure you are at least aiming for a quantity as high as 3 liters. Taking into consideration that you do not only have to drink water to reach this amount but that you can also consume some of it through fruit and vegetables, will help you along the way.

For women, a healthy recommended intake is 2.7 liters, and for men, 3.7 liters.

If drinking too much water, like 3 liters or more, is making you feel uncomfortable, you should refrain from doing it. That’s because it can have a negative effect on the body by affecting your electrolyte balance, reducing sodium levels in the blood, cause hyponatremia, weakness, nausea, confusion, vomiting, and even death.