Advantages of office water coolersMany employees are concerned that tap water contains contaminants that could be harmful to the human body. With clean water readily accessible, many offices have noticed an increase in productivity. Many believe bottled water tastes significantly differently as opposed to water from the tap.

In order to select a suitable water cooler, companies are required to consider various factors, especially what kind of water cooler to buy. One is a bottled water cooler and the other is a bottleless that connects straight to your mains water supply. The bottled water cooler requires a 5 gallon bottle that needs to be replaced when emptied. The bottleless water cooler does not require any bottle changing since it is directly connected to the mains water supply.

Both water coolers must be able to filter and remove byproducts and harmful chemicals that include solvents, lead, chlorine and other synthetic chemicals. The filter must allow necessary minerals to pass through so that employees receive all the healthy minerals through drinking water. In addition, companies must choose a water cooler that allows easy cleaning and less maintenance. Most filters needs to be cleaned after a week or two. The dispenser also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to avoid water-borne diseases in your drinking water.

The size of the water cooler is also another factor to evaluate. Countertop water coolers works best if the unit is going to be sitting on top of a counter or a desk. Standard size coolers are appropriate for corners for the sake of saving space.

At Living-Water we offer a wide range of water coolers suitable for any office environment. These include, bottled, bottleless, countertop water coolers, as well as undercounter chillers and water boilers.