As work environments change with the times, and WFH (work from home) trends lose momentum, the slow migration back to office parks and collaborative working spaces is on an upward trajectory. The humble bottled water cooler is a surprising addition in aiding the transition and helping coworkers readjust to working together, face-to-face. 

An employer’s duty of care includes ensuring the well-being of all employees as well as creating an environment that prioritises workplace satisfaction. Google HQ may throw in colourful bean bags, standing desks, breakfast stations and ergonomic work pods, but accessibility to a hot and cold office bottled water cooler is probably the simplest solution to improve employee productivity and boost morale among coworkers.

The convenience factor

Modern workplaces have evolved beyond the traditional office cubicles into dynamic open-plan hubs of innovation and collaboration. This shift has prompted employers to focus on comfort and convenience as essential contributors to employee positivity. 

An office water dispenser demonstrates that employee well-being is a priority of the organisation; increasing office morale and job satisfaction. (It’s often the little things that make a big difference). 

Easy access to a hot and cold bottled water cooler (some even have a sparkling water option) caters to the personal preferences of each employee. From an early morning cuppa or a mid-afternoon caffeine pick-me-up to staying hydrated in between, individuals feel in control and at home at the office. This spoil factor comes at a minimal cost. (And then, of course, there’s the added convenience of having replacement water bottles delivered to your office door ).  

The camaraderie factor

As human beings – whether we are introverts or extroverts – there is an innate need for social interaction. Engaging with others – away from our desk space – energises and stimulates us, making us feel part of a team. Relaxed and random conversations have a way of sparking ideas, de-stressing us and plugging us into something bigger than just our mandatory daily task to-do list. 

Office hot & cold water dispensers boost morale at the office

Office water coolers serve as natural gathering points, becoming an organic networking space where connections are made and where colleagues feel they can take a break, get advice or motivate others. Water dispensers also level the HR playing field as all strata of the organisation will make use of this ‘watering hole.’

Who would have thought this could be achieved by just incorporating a hot and cold bottled water dispenser in your office? 

The productivity factor

Proper hydration plays a pivotal role in maintaining cognitive function and the benefits of drinking sufficient water during the day are well documented: optimising brain function, increasing focus, boosting energy levels, aiding digestion, supporting organ function, reducing the risk of headaches and regulating body temperature.

When employees are well-hydrated, they tend to feel more alert, attentive, and ready to tackle tasks efficiently.  

Boost productivity at the office with bottled water coolers

Convenient accessibility to a water dispenser makes it easy for employees to consume more water throughout their work day. The result? A more productive, happy and alert workforce, and less absenteeism. Everyone wins! 

(In a recent blog, we outlined the unique benefits of drinking hot water and cold water).  

The sustainability factor

If your organisation wants to earn a reputation for ticking eco-conscious boxes and taking part in sustainability efforts, then a bottled water cooler is an easy go-to solution. 

Firstly, you are helping to save the planet by reducing landfills. With a supply of hot and cold water always available, employees can reduce their consumption of single-use plastic bottles, contributing to a greener environment. This simple switch minimizes plastic waste and contributes to your organization’s eco-friendly practices. 

Secondly, you are taking your corporate social responsibility seriously. Companies demonstrating their dedication to sustainable practices often experience improved brand perception among both employees and clients.

Living Water UK

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