Dangerous Toxins in Your Tap Water

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Dangerous Toxins in Your Tap Water

While your tap water should be sufficiently pure to satisfy all limits set down by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and local authorities for tap water, this is no guarantee that there are absolutely no toxins in your local tap water.

While there are many individuals who do not drink sufficient water because they do not like either the smell or taste of the chemicals used to make the water potable, it is dangerous not to drink sufficient water to keep your body well-hydrated and healthy.

Various studies over the years have discovered dangerous toxins in tap water that could cause various health problems, including bone cancer, lung cancer, and bladder cancer as well as account for a low IQ.

Even though these studies have been published and many scientists and those from the medical fraternity have warned against it, companies still continue to use them, with the complete sanction of the local governments:

Chlorine is added to water to sanitise it, but studies have shown that it can damage arteries, destroy vitamin E, and kill the ´friendly bacteria´ in your intestinal tract. Chlorine can also combine with other contaminants in the water, resulting in the formation of chloroform, chloramines and other toxic carcinogenic by-products. Trichloroethylene (TCE) is formed when chlorine combines with increasing levels of pollutants, and has been linked to kidney cancer, childhood leukaemia and various other illnesses.

Fluoride, specifically the sodium fluoride used in the drinking water in many countries including the UK, and which is a by-product of the aluminium industry, and therefore often becomes contaminated by heavy metals such as aluminium and arsenic, is what is known as an equivocal carcinogen, which has been proven to inhibit thyroid function, to damage the immune system, and has also been linked to osteoporosis (bone cancer), especially in young boys.

Sodium fluoride is also medically contra-indicated for formula-fed infants, pregnant mothers, individuals with kidney impairment, and diabetics.

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