Water retention is a symptom that everyone has faced at least a couple dozen times, or for women, hundreds of times in their lives.

It is something that can disrupt your entire day and can make you feel quite unwell. Water retention occurs as a result of an excess fluid build-up inside the body and is also often referred to as edema or fluid retention.

It occurs the body’s circulatory system, and may even occur inside the tissues or cavities, causing swelling in different body parts, like the feet, ankles, legs, and hands.

It can become quite painful and very uncomfortable to live with, especially if you’re experiencing symptoms thereof every day.

People most likely to experience water retention, are women that are pregnant or have it during the week before their monthly cycle. There is also a range of other circumstances, including in men, where water retention may become very bad. This is particularly the case with those who are bedridden, physically inactive or are required to sit through very long flights. Water retention may also show as a symptom to those who have medical conditions, like heart failure and kidney disease.

How to Reduce Water Retention Naturally and Fast

  • Reduce your salt intake

Since salt is made up of chloride and sodium, it can leave you with water retention symptoms, like bloating. This is often found in processed food or any other type of food that contains too much salt.

  • The more magnesium, the better

Magnesium is a mineral not talked about enough. It has over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body, which are all designated to help the body function, hence the reason why it is so important. 200mg of magnesium can reduce water retention in both men and women and will keep you in tip-top shape.

  • Increase your vitamin B6 and potassium intake

By eating foods rich in both this vitamin and mineral, you’ll be able to treat water retention by decreasing sodium in the body, as well as increase urine production, reducing bloating altogether.

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