What are the Environmental Benefits of Using Water Coolers?Although most water in the first world is of okay quality, there are still many individuals who do not drink tap water because they find that it has either a strange smell or taste or both, due to the chemicals used to make the water drinkable.

The quality of the drinking water in London is generally of a good quality, but many Londoners are still refusing to drink it because of the fluoride in the water ,and also because there have been various reports that traces of both pharmaceutical and recreational drugs have been found in the drinking water.

Drinking bottled water became a big fad, spurred on by the advertising industry using famous musicians, artists and thespians to perpetuate the myth that drinking bottled water is healthy and “cool” too.

There have also been many studies that have proven that many brands of bottled water are not that healthy because they are in actual fact nothing more than that same tap water that has just been bottled and had a nice label slapped on it.

Bottled water has possibly been the worst for the environment, because this fad has resulted in around 15 BILLION water bottles ending up being dumped in landfills every year. Plastic takes a lifetime or more to decompose, and all the synthetics from the plastic leech into the ground and poison it as well.

The better alternative to drinking tap water is to invest in a water cooler, which is far more environmentally friendly.

There are bottled water coolers such as the range offered by Living-Water, which are manufactured using top quality materials, which means that they can be cleaned and re-used up to 50 times each and then recycled. Oh, and just as a bonus, their water bottles are filled with Living Water Spring Water, sourced from a spring located in the Shropshire Hills.

Living-Water also offers a range of mains water coolers that can be plumbed directly into your municipal water pipes and fitted with a great filter that can remove any toxins, providing you with fresh, chilled drinking water virtually 24/7/365.