Happy workers are more productiveHappy workers are more productive

It may seem like bureaucracy but there is a valid point to make; happy workers are more productive workers. Feeling that your needs are being cared for play a large role in employee satisfaction. Providing your staff with easy access to chilled pure water, reduces dehydration and helps you satisfy your workers.

A Living-Water water cooler provides easy access to drinking water.

Our water coolers are also ideal for providing clients with refreshments. Doctors’ surgeries, dentists and other public service offices are ideal locations. By providing clients with pure chilled water you make their waiting a more pleasant experience.

Placed in the reception area of an office, a water cooler gives a professional impression and means that clients waiting for a meeting or interview candidates can enjoy a chilled glass of water while they wait.

Keep Hydrated During Meetings

The boardroom is also an excellent position for a water cooler, with our executive water cooler giving a very professional appearance. It enables your staff to fill up on water during lengthy meetings or equally clients and interviewees.

This means that work can continue with very little disturbance. A hot and cold water cooler means that you can continue meetings without even having to stop for coffee and tea breaks.

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