In July 2019, scientists attended the US Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO), and found water pooling at the bottom of the Halema‘uma‘u Crater.

Since it’s been a year since lava has stopped flowing from the island’s Kilauea volcano, the unusual occurrence of water pooling interested scientists. A second puddle has also occurred a week thereafter, which was found in smaller ponds, and has since melted together and formed a deep milky green lake. The location of the pooling water is especially strange, as the pit it was found in, held lava just the previous year.

Since the finding, water levels have been rising rapidly by three to four feet weekly. Thus far, scientists have come to two conclusions.

The first explanation is that the rising of the lake is caused by the accumulation of rainwater. The second, is that the water table is rebounding as a result of volcanic activity that occurred in 2018. It is also speculated that the crater has collapsed.

The Danger of Hawaii’s Hot Water Lake Increasing

This has led to the groundwater rebounding, which may cause it to rise even more. HVO scientists are still monitoring the pond’s expansion. They are yet to receive a sample of the water, to test it and see whether they can discover any new information from this natural occurrence.

The green colour has also been speculated to be water that has absorbed a large quantity of sulphur dioxide gas, causing it to flow from below, rather then filling the pond falling from the sky. The occurrence looks like a puddle at the moment, but is predicted to grow into a lake, if water levels continue to rise, which is also expected to rise to 150 feet.

Scientists have also discovered that the water is as hot as 70 degrees Celsius, which is due to water combining with magma. This could cause violent explosions once the liquid turns into steam and starts expanding, which could be dangerous for the surrounding area.

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