Water is necessary to sustain all life and we all require it for the purpose of consuming it, apart from using it for other daily activities. That is just one reason why it’s important to consider water as the most important natural resource in the world. Studies have also recently found that coral reefs and glacier-fed water found in the Northern parts of Canada, play a very significant role in sustaining the planet, reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Sadly, coral reefs are already endangered, as 50% of coral reefs have already died or been affected by global warming. Large quantities of corals have suffered and died from coral bleaching, due to enduring extreme heat during the past few years.

The coral reefs and glacial water sources, including rivers and large lakes, must be protected and sustained for the future wellbeing of our planet. It has never been as important to get serious about the effects of global warming and the contribution that we as humans make to speed up the effects thereof, as it is now.

The Role of the Canadian Glacial Water Resources

Research done by scientists about the glacial rivers and lakes that they feed into were studied. It was found that the rivers served as carbon dioxide sinks.

This means that the glacial rivers are consuming carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, due to their unique set of properties allowing them to do so.

Unlike temperate rivers, these don’t contain any life, apart from microbial bacteria. Due to the lack of life, there is next to no carbon dioxide in the water, which paired with high levels of sediment, has led to chemical weathering.

Chemical weathering is a process that captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus protecting the ozone layer. Luckily these lakes extend up to 42 kilometers far, which means plenty of carbon dioxide is being removed from the air.

These rivers and lakes are extremely good for reducing a change in the climate. However, it has its own set of consequences, as glacial melting also presents a unique set of consequences.

Scientists believe that there are more glacial water resources to be discovered, and far more studies required to be done, to measure both the advantages and disadvantages of glacial bodies of water.

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