It’s hard to think that more than half of a country’s water is considered safe to consume, yet more than half the amount of branded bottled water does not meet international health standards.

While there is no sense in 107 bottled water brands out of 167, lacking specific requirements or including an ingredient that is unsafe, such as chemical pollutants, many people still consume all these bottled water brands.

Since access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human right that should be implemented across the globe, there’s no telling why this popular tourist destination has not made an effort to ensure their water is safe to consume.

The State of Tap Water in Istanbul

According to the Istanbul Water and Sanitation Department, the city’s taps offer clean drinking water, yet the taste thereof does not meet the palettes of some residents living in the country. The majority, however, finds nothing wrong with it.

The minister of the Istanbul Water and Sanitation Department stated that their only responsibility is to ensure that clean water reaches the main pipes of the city. Where the problem seems to arise, is when new buildings are constructed, or existing buildings do not have proper piping set in place. Water storage facilities of some residents are also not kept clean, and can easily become contaminated, as a result of dirty water tanks.

There is a bigger problem with the residents of the country and how they manage water themselves, rather than the Water and Sanitation Department.

Water Purification and Transmission

When water is accessed, it is sent to a treatment facility, where the process of purification commences with new technology. Once purified, the water is transmitted to networks, which means that the water which runs through pipes are always clean. The problem, of course, arises with how new structures are built and how residents manage their water supply.

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