Did you know that every species, it doesn’t matter whether it’s as big as a whale, or as small as a microorganism, gets affected by water pollution? It might slip the minds of humans altogether, but water pollution even affects polar bears, as it contributes to global warming, which is also responsible for melting the ice.

The number one cause of water pollution is the dumping of human-made chemicals, as well as rubbish, in rivers, springs and the ocean. Even though the ocean has been the most convenient place for humans to dump their waste, it has caused a lot of trouble for life under the ocean, and even ashore too.

How to Decrease Water Pollution: What can you do?

  • Stop using chemicals

Although this is very difficult to do, it will contribute to a decrease in water pollution. Every chemical and oil that we throw down our drains at home or work is causing an even bigger problem in the water. Something like colouring your hair with dye, or paint, could damage the quality of water somewhere. That is why we should make a greater effort to get rid of these chemicals. One can do this by contacting the local council, to dispose of it for you.

  • Decrease your plastic usage

Every individual has contributed to plastic pollution in some way. By picking up a plastic straw from a restaurant, you’re engaging in plastic pollution as well. We should avoid the use of any plastic bags, bottles and consumables, and when done with plastic products, put them in the recycle bin.

  • Don’t flush medicines

Medicines effects water by contaminating it. Medicines such as antibiotics, pharmaceuticals and birth control pills are known to add toxicity to water. The best way to dispose of medication is to toss it in the trash or send them to your local pharmacy to dispose of it safely.

  • The greener your garden, the better

If you use pesticides, chemicals, herbicides or fungicides on your lawn, or in your garden, the chemicals will eventually end up in your water supply. The best solution is to buy products that are more environmentally-friendly.

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