Despite an incline in issues arising related to water, there are many things technology can solve today. In Kenya, for instance, the Tosheka Water Roller intervention, has set a positive tone in the country, helping local women in their daily lives.

Women in Kenya have been carrying water in buckets and small containers on their heads back and forth as a part of their daily chores. In Kenya, this has become a daily activity for both women and children. Most women in Kenya aren’t even able to work because of their daily duties that need to be fulfilled, including ensuring that there is efficient clean drinking water in their homes for both them and their families.

Tosheka Rolling Springs – A New Water Invention to Help Kenyan Women

A 70-year-old African American businessman and inventor, Herman Bigham, created a system, the Tosheka Rolling Springs, to help women and children from having to carry water on their backs every day.

Bigham recognized the need to help Kenyans, who are enduring physical strain and injuries, along with a lot of inconveniences, having to carry water for lengthy distances. Since Kenya has advanced from a traditional struggling African country to one that is developed and financially stable, it seemed like this was one invention just waiting to be implemented in the country.

In some cases, women and children carry water on their backs for between 10 and 20 kilometers, which can cause a lot of strain on the backs of children. The water roller, made from different recycled materials like tires and wood, is thus an ideal solution for communities that must travel to collect their water. Given that the water roller is made from recycled materials, it is also environmentally friendly and sustainable for future production.

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