Traveling in general sounds like a dream to people all around the world. It’s funny how in each corner of the world, people get tired of their own beautiful countries and prefer to travel to others.

Take Milan, for instance, a place of wonder in Italy, which is adored by tourists as a fashion and architectural capital of the world.

However, to add to the experience of visiting Italy, have you ever considered the quality of the tap water?

Given that most tourists prefer to cut their expenses as much as they possibly can, this is an important point to take into consideration. Especially, because water is needed daily to survive.

Even though Italy is a wondrous place, it also has its own set of negative characteristics. It’s crucial to know whether tap water is safe to consume, as the last thing anyone wants, is to get sick during their trip.

Clarifying the elephant in the room, it is indeed safe to consume water from a tap in Italy, especially in Milan. However, there have been some complaints about leeching pipes, derived from old buildings, which has been affected due to the pollution caused by lead, metals, microplastics and chlorine by-products. Luckily this is only found in certain areas, and thus, it is important to consult with locals in the area you’re living in about the quality of the water, prior to consuming it.

How to Avoid Drinking Unsuitable Drinking Water

Firstly, one can purchase an affordable faucet filter for water in Milan.

Most of the cities in Italy, depending on rivers, streams and well for their water supply. Most tap water in Milan is derived from surface water, which makes up 72% of drinking water in the city. 28% of water, is derived from groundwater.

It’s also interesting to note that 53% of utilizable surface water resources, is derived in Northern Italy, which places Milan in a far safer location to consume tap water, than Southern Italy, which only has 19% and central Italy, which has 7%.

Milan is thus, very safe to visit and gets its tap water supply from a total of 433 wells.

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