Researched and curated by experts in many different countries across the world, solutions surrounding the issue that is freshwater scarcity has been designed with the intent to solve the problem at hand. These solutions have also been created to prevent the further contamination of remaining freshwater resources and teach society on how to sustain it for the future, which is currently one of the biggest problems that needs to be solved.

Even though industries have been more than reckless about how they go about treating water resources in the past, the next ten years will test just how far some of the biggest industries have come and grown.

By the implementation of strategic planning, the creating of business models and production practices, a sweeping systematic transformation is anticipated to occur. This will be done and is necessary, to ensure the sustainable future of freshwater resources.

6 Expert Solutions to Solving Freshwater Scarcity:

  • The invention of freshwater conservation technologies in locations where aquifers are busy drying up and rainfall is unpredictable.
  • Educating communities to change the amount of water that is being consumed, as well as adjust the lifestyles of communities, to ensure water is not wasted.
  • Ensuring that water is properly priced. The plan is to raise prices to increase mindfulness and attempt to reduce the act of pollution.
  • Building energy-efficient desalination plants to provide an energy-intensive solution for the problems related to water scarcity.
  • Improving the recycling methods of wastewater. Countries must be urged to cut water imports and reduce the pollution issues within their own countries. This can only be done by becoming self-sufficient.
  • Developing and enacting improved policies and laws. This will require governments to take on more responsibility and redefine their roles, as water scarcity makes it even more difficult to deal with problems related to pollution and food security.

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