Did you know that sharks check whether there are dolphins in the water they swim?

One would think that the stigma behind sharks being afraid of dolphins is a myth, yet it’s true. If sharks are like the bullies of the sea, then dolphins are the tough kids who stand up for the other fishes.

Sharks fear dolphins, and while it might not make any sense, as dolphins don’t have an aggressive bone in their bodies, yet they still manage to pose a threat to sharks, and here’s why.

Why sharks fear dolphins:

#1 They are flexible and fast

Due to a dolphins’ soft skin and skeletal joint, it’s easy for them to move quickly when fighting against sharks, which makes it next to impossible for a shark to keep up.

#2 Dolphins have powerful snouts

The Dolphins’ snout is made from a very dense bone, which is also known as battering rams. Due to their vast movements, they tend to move several yards underneath sharks and hit them in their soft underbelly, which could cause serious injuries internally.

#3 Even though sharks are apex predators, they are also apex prey

It must be scary when the hunter becomes hunted. Orcas are the biggest species of dolphin and hunt great white sharks when there isn’t any other food.

#4 Dolphins don’t travel alone

Since sharks live in solitude, they fear dolphins the most, because they travel in groups. A group of dolphins are known as a pod of dolphins. They protect each other when a member gets attacked, and will even protect humans against sharks.

#5 They are extremely protective when it comes to their babies

If a shark ever thinks of attacking a baby dolphin, it will get attacked by an entire pod of dolphins.

#6 Sharks are strong, but dolphins are smart

One of a dolphins’ biggest strengths, is their intelligence, which means they can outsmart a shark easily, and even confuse him by using their echolocation.

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