Singapore is considered an economically and financially strong and independent country. Currently, the country is looking to expand their independence even more, by seeking water independence from Malaysia.

Singapore’s focus is to develop the country to such an extent, that it can thrive on its own, without being heavily reliant on Malaysia. The country also acknowledges the importance of being water independent as a country, and that sharing with other countries places more strain on the adequate distribution of water over time.

The country plans on seeking independence by importing less water from Malaysia and focusing more on increasing water supply through means of re-using water, conserving it, and making use of new technologies.

Given that Malaysia could also stop selling water to Singapore, the country feels as though it must find ways to sustain its water supply for the future. Should Malaysia ever run short on water, just like any other country, they would have to stop supplying water to neighboring countries.

Since the rise of global warming has become a daily topic up for discussion and worry, it’s necessary to take any potential and future water shortage issues into account.

Water Independence – A Goal for Singapore

As one of the fastest modern-growing countries in the world, there are many plans created for moving the country forward and achieving water independence. The modified shower, for instance, is an invention that only uses four liters of water at a time, which is just one invention being pushed in the country, to cut the country’s daily water consumption by up to 8% by the year 2030. Water usage by shower is a major issue that needs to be addressed in the country, particularly because 141 liters of water gets used per person daily.

Given that the country is listed as the fifth country globally, which is most likely to face extreme water stress by the year 2040, focusing on restoring adequate and sustainable water supply to the country’s residents. Currently, Singapore is receiving 50% of its water supply from Malaysia.

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