The issue surrounding global freshwater shortages, has grown more severe over time. With increased pollution, the icebergs melting, global warming worsening, and the world’s population growing faster than ever before, the world is forced to find solutions and solve its freshwater shortages.

Many solutions have been curated over the past few years, some of which are still only ideas that scientists are developing for the future.

3 New Solutions for Solving Global Freshwater Shortages

  • Inventing water conservation technologies

Taking a closer look at natural water sources, including rivers, streams, and aquifers, one will find that these freshwater sources are drying up, particularly due to global warming. What makes this issue worse, is the fact that rainfall is becoming more and more unpredictable, which is exactly why water conservation technology is required.

  • Energy-efficient desalination projects

Desalination has thus far been implemented in some of the world’s most prospering countries and has also served as an energy-intensive solution for water scarcity. Already, countries in the Middle East, have taken initiative and invested in building extremely large energy reserves to support desalination plants. Saudi Arabia has taken note of the large quantity of energy that desalination plants require to work, which is why it is currently making use of solar-powered plants. Britain has also jumped on the trend and implemented a similar approach with small-scale agricultural facilities.

  • The transferring of technologies in developing countries

Water scarcity and global warming are producing more problems than ever before. In developing countries particularly, such as in Sub-Sahara and India, solutions have been curated to transfer water technologies that are specifically designed to conserve water, to areas that are experiencing drought. Although new and improved technologies are constantly being developed, getting the technology to these countries can be very difficult, especially because underdeveloped countries have weaker economies and cannot afford it.

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