When in Japan, the biggest question of all will go from, “where to next” to “is the tap water safe to drink”, because everyone needs water.

Although it may be expensive to buy bottled water in other countries all the time, it is necessary to know whether it’s needed or not.

Most Japanese residents will always tell you, yes. You can consume tap water inside your home, outside your home and even in parks and public places.

Almost everyone in Japan drinks tap water, but just like anywhere else in the world, not all the tap water in the country, contains the same mineral content. Even though it’s safe to drink water in a country, it still doesn’t mean that you’ll feel good afterwards. It could make you feel sick or upset your stomach if you’re not used to its mineral content. Entering any new country, you should remain cautious of where and what type of water you thus consume.

Where can you buy bottled water in Japan?

If you’ve decided to give the tap water a pass, then you can buy water at your nearest convenience store, where you’ll get 2 litres bottled water for under 100yen/ 1 dollar. Buying in bulk, will, of course, work out cheaper during your stay.

However, when purchasing bottled water, you’ll be left with a ton of plastic on your trip, which shouldn’t be wasted. That’s why a lot of travellers still prefer to drink tap water on their trips. Even though plastic bottles are handy, please ensure that you have it recycled before leaving the beautiful country of Japan.

It’s also a good idea to buy water bottles once you arrive in the country, and then fill them up at your place of residence. Places like hotels are assured to have good-quality tap water.

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