Although the locals are aware the water quality in Hawaii and surrounding islands, tourists are yet to be informed thereof upon their arrival. Luckily, Hawaii is blessed with outstanding quality water.

A common question asked daily since Hawaii is the perfect island getaway destination, is whether the water quality is drinkable and intact with health standards. More common questions include whether one should purchase bottled water, rather than consuming tap water.

The answer is simple. Yes, the tap water in Hawaii is indeed adequate for consumption.

The Outstanding Quality of Water Supplied to Hawaii from the Island’s Aquifers

The Board of Water Supply has reported that Hawaii’s tap water has reported that the tap water is, in fact, so fit for consumption, that it is considered to be some of the best quality drinking water in the world. That’s because it is filtered through the underground porous volcanic rocks for the past 25 years, prior to reaching aquifers.

The water thus doesn’t require any treatment and is very pure compared to most tap water in other countries, especially on other islands. It just adds to the long list of why Hawaii is such an incredible place to visit. Studies have also found that there are no bacteria found in Hawaii’s water, hence why chlorine only needs to be added to the water in low quantities.

The quantity of chlorine added to water in Hawaii is between zero and 0.15 milligrams/liter.

Whether you choose to purchase bottled water from Oahu or drink from the taps, chances are that you will get precisely the same quality water, which also tastes the same. That’s why, in Hawaii, it’s pointless to purchase bottled water, as it is derived from the same aquifers that tap water in hotels and hostels have.

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