Since water transportation is so important for travel and the transportation of goods across the sea, it’s important to know the difference between inland and ocean water transportation.

Now even though most people would say inland is a boat and ocean are a ship, that’s not entirely true. There is much more to these two means of transportation.

Inland water transports include the system of transport, which is navigable through rivers, lakes, as well as canals. Many rivers in the world, make use of inland water transport. The most important being the Dambe and Rhine Rivers in Europe, the Zaire and Nile Rivers in Africa, the Lower Niger River in Nigeria, as well as the St Lawrence River in Canada.

Canals are also known as inland transportation water-ways and are mostly built seas and ocean where water transport needs to navigate the most.

Ocean water transportation carries most of the world’s trading business, which includes bulk goods, materials, as well as passengers.

Ocean transportation includes tramps, oil tankers, refrigerated ships, Cargo Liners, as well as passenger Liners.

The Advantages of Water Transport

There are tons of advantages when it comes to water transportation. These include the fact that this means of transport has the capacity of conveying bulky and heavy cargoes, it has low running costs that turn out to be the cheapest means of transport over long distances, as well as big vessels that save a lot of fuel travelling excessive distances.

Other than that water transportation also has a natural route network, all free to use and allows for flexible service with little to no congestion. The fact that it doesn’t cause as much pollution as cars and aircraft is also a bonus.

The Disadvantages of Water Transport

Water transportation is known to be much slower than road transportation, as well as aircraft, which means that it is not suitable to transport perishable goods.

It is also unsuitable for short distance journeys, due to being costly and time-consuming. Sometimes there are delays of shipment at docks and locks, which hinders navigation. Poor weather conditions might also cause this. Canals can also be very expensive to construct, maintain, as well as dredge.

Due to a high demand for ships, ports are also declining vessels, which is starting to pose a problem, meaning more money needs to be spent on building ports.

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