2020 has presented a lot of negative circumstances in the world, some of which have been good. That includes exposing many inequalities in the world. Although the Covid-19 pandemic wasn’t the cause of water scarcity to every household equally in the world, it gave the world insight into how people live differently.

It exposed the rich versus middle and poor classes, which were suddenly also placed in the same category of struggle with the economic turmoil caused by the pandemic. This was caused due to a lack of employment when some people lost their jobs and others struggled to get a job. Without much to go on, a lot of middle-class households faced the same fate as those who were poor, while wealthy households were mostly people that managed to keep their jobs. However, some lost their jobs. Everybody was affected by the pandemic in some way, and some still are in 2021.


A Right of the People

The pandemic has shown the world that we are all equal regardless of the class we fit in financially. When it comes to meeting basic needs, we are all human that require the same. Unfortunately, it took a pandemic to realize this and to find some middle ground with each other, but now that we’ve lived through a year of it, it’s also time to tackle some other issues.

It includes conserving water as much as we can. All around the world, some people are struggling to find clean drinking water, and many don’t have access to it from their homes. With the pandemic, it’s now more important to look after ourselves than ever before. Water is essential for health, which is why everybody must have adequate and enough clean drinking water. Apart from the fact that it’s a basic human right, this should be the focus for each country as we start 2021, especially the countries that are experiencing droughts or a lack of clean drinking water.


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