Coral reefs are beautiful because they are bright and filled with some of the biggest and colorful biodiversity of fish and sea life but they are also important for many other reasons.

These mass underwater ecosystems are responsible for building corals and protect coastlines from erosion, which keeps water crystal clear. Over time, reefs create countless colonies of coral polys that get held together by calcium carbonate. They provide medicine and food to both human and marine life and provide jobs to people living in coastal areas.

Today, up to an eight of the world’s population depend on the ocean and its marine life to survive, which makes the conservation of coral reefs and the entire ocean as a whole, important. At this moment, almost 75% of reefs in the world are under threat. These threats include overfishing, an increase in coastal developments, and releasing untreated or mismanaged sewage into water sources. If that’s not enough, the global climate is also contributing to coral bleaching, which causes corals to die.


What Can We Do to Save Marine Life and Coral Reefs?

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, whether you live near the ocean or far from it or if you directly affecting the ocean negatively. We all affect the ocean in some way, even if it doesn’t seem significant.

People all over the world can help protect precious marine life and coral reefs by practicing safe measures visiting these areas. Some products like sunscreen have negative effects on coral reefs. Another big problem is that trash does not get disposed of properly to protect the ocean.

More ways to help the coral reefs include reducing stormwater runoff, making use of safe eco-friendly modes of transport, reviewing the fish that gets sold at aquariums, and spreading the word about how important coral reefs are for the sustainability of the entire world. If everybody could help a little, it would help a lot.

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