Ever thought that it could be possible for water to be damaging to your body when drinking it? While this makes no sense at all, it is, in fact, true with cold water.

Even though cold water is considered to be better for your body, especially during increased temperatures, it can affect your digestive tract in a couple of ways that can be harmful to your health. Drinking cold water that is below room temperature can weaken your immune system, cause indigestion and even cause your blood vessels to shrink. To keep health issues at bay, it is much better to drink either room temperature or warmer water.

Don’t Add Ice to Your Water

Unless water has been kept in the refrigerator, allowing for it to cool down, it is considered room temperature and completely fine to drink. Adding ice, however, could add to a range of negative effects in your body. So, the next time a waiter asks whether or not you’d like ice, you should refuse.

Besides, switching to warmer water can be beneficial for your skin. It can make your skin feel looser and open your pores in a natural manner, while cold water forces your pores to close, which constricts healthy blood vessels in your skin.

Negative Effects Caused by Cold Water

  • Restricts digestion. When you consume cold water, the ability of your digestion system to absorb nutrients in order to create energy for expenditure is restricted, which ultimately leads to water loss.
  • Consuming cold water after meals can create excess mucus inside your body. This decreases the immune system function, which makes you more prone to illnesses,
  • Drinking cold water will cause your blood vessels to shrink, which restricts your digestive system. This hinders your digestive system and doesn’t allow it to function properly.